Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mexican Food Southern California Style

Wayne and I love living in Powell River, BC, but there aren't many places to get really good Mexican food there. When we return to Southern California, we head straight for El Merendero No. 1 at 1910 Fairplex Drive in La Verne. They have the best Mexican food around. The portions are large, but it's the flavour that's huge!

You can eat inside or under their covered front patio. Inside you can order beer and wine, but outside you can get a cool breeze and people watch. The choice is yours. We love to go to El Merendero for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but our favourite is breakfast. Wayne's loves the huevos rancheros and for me it's the chorizo and eggs. That way I can make my own little breakfast tacos with the warm tortillas that come with the meal. The breakfast burritos are also a great choice.

Walk up to the window, check out their extensive menu board, and order. Of course, you can take your food home, but stay awhile and enjoy the fun people, good service and great food at El Merendero No. 1. -- Margy


  1. It's 5pm here and all this talk abut onions, tomatoes, ice-creams and breakfasts got me hungry!! :o)

    This Mexican place looks lovely to spend some meal time.

  2. ha ha thats where you took us that december 6 day we visited you there in beautiful palomona what great food too
    and yes it is too bad powell river ia bereft of decent mexican restaurants ..
    nuff said about the food here ...
    other than halstonze and / or paparazzi pizza ...
    which are both very good ...
    my bet is you will miss pomona

  3. Yes, we took you and Jena there when you came to visit. It was one of our favourite places to eat. Nothing like refried beans and tortilla chips for breakfast! Actually, we don't miss Pomona a bit. I'd trade good Mexican food for Powell River any day! - Margy