Saturday, August 02, 2008

Video Review: Come on Geese

There is a great movie about Canada Geese called Fly Away Home. It's about a thirteen year-old girl who raises and teaches a brood of orphaned Canada Geese to migrate using her father's ultralight airplane. If you get a chance to see it on TV, give it a try. It's also available on VHS and DVD.

Last spring we heard the Canada Geese return to their nesting grounds on the shores of Powell Lake. Each day they would fly past our cabin and loudly announce their presence back in the Hole. 

They even landed on our rocky cliffs to nibble on the green grassy slopes. After they lost their flight feathers, we didn't see them for awhile. I started to worry about the new generation. Only once did I see a pair with one gosling. Because the lake level had risen rapidly due to the snow melt, I had visions of flooded nests and damaged eggs.

But last week my worries were put to rest. Heading north from the Shinglemill, Wayne and I saw a large brood swimming together. The young geese were so large, you couldn't tell them from the parents. The next day we were visited at the cabin by another fine group. As you can see, they really enjoyed some of the flowers on our stumps. Then during Sea Fair, we saw more along the creek at Willingdon Beach.

So, all is well with the Canada Geese on Powell Lake and in Powell River.The young geese have a few more months to eat and grow, then in autumn they will again take to the skies to head south to warmer climes and more abundant food sources. -- Margy


  1. betty3:06 PM

    That is a good story I really liked it. Sounds like your Canada Geese are fun to watch I hope they don't eat all of the flowers in the stumps, they looked so nice in your stump pictures

  2. I've already watched this lovely movie twice, once when single, and in the begining of this year, with Lucas. I love it!