Monday, May 26, 2008

Small Town Friends

Recently I was talking to a friend about differences in small town and a big city living. When Wayne and I lived near Los Angeles, we barely knew our neighbors. Now that we live in Powell River, things have really changed.

You might think that we wouldn't see many friends when we're at our float cabin, but that is definitely not the case. Last month, our neighbors downstairs at the condo dropped by in one of the Lakeside Floating Vacations houseboats. Just a few days ago, Doug and Karen stopped by in their new (via e-Bay) boat. Of course, we see John all the time either at his cabin or ours. Right now, we are helping him get his #1 cabin ready to sell. Helping friends on the lake is a common practice.

Last night Jess and his girlfriend stopped by for a chat. Jess has the cabin across from us in Hole in the Wall. It used to be one of the smallest on the lake (8 X 10, pretty as a picture). But now it's growing out and up. It's to the lockup stage, and soon it will be ready for the summer season.

Jess has a unique boat. It is a barge design with a loading ramp and lots of space to carry all of his building supplies. He is one of the best boat drivers we know. He can turn that big rig on a dime, and squeeze it through some pretty tight spots. In addition to his construction talents, Jess is the go-to guy for wood stoves and rope.

Jess is a frequent blog reader. In fact, when he went to Japan to meet his girlfriend's family, he used my blog to show them a distant shot of his cabin. Hopefully he'll enjoy this post from one friend to another. -- Margy


  1. Betty8:22 AM

    Living in a small town is great.When I lived in Mt.everyone knew each other and helped out when it was needed. If I were younger and richer I might consider checking out John's cabin. You make Powell River sound like heaven.

  2. Hi Betty - You would love to stay at a cabin I am sure. If you ever want to try it out, John has one that he rents occasionally. Maybe Captain Bob would give you a ride up the lake in his big shiny boat. - Margy