Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to Dock a Big Ship

On Saturday, May 3, the HMCS Edmonton docked at the Westview pier. The Edmonton is a maritime coastal defence vessel (MCDV) manned primarily by reservists. She was here to participate in Battle of the Atlantic ceremonies on Texada Island. While the Edmonton was in Powell River, she was open for public viewing, quite a thrill.

While the Edmonton was docking, there was a stiff wind coming from the northwest. It was amazing to watch the crew work as a well practiced team to get the ship tied up to the pier. It also gave an opportunity for the local Sea Cadets to get some exciting hands-on experience.

In the stiff breeze, it took a few runs at the pier. First the ship angled towards the end of the pier. A heaving line was thrown to crew already stationed on the pier. Then the hefty dock line was hauled up and attached to a cleat on the pier. Using a combination of engine work and dock line placement, the ship was "walked" forward along the pier and into final position.

When the ship was secure and the engines turned off, the colors of the Canadian Forces Maritime Command were raised. It was an incredible show. -- Margy

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