Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snowbirds in Comox, BC

Today Wayne and I crossed the Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island on BC Ferries for a very special event. The Canadian Forces Snowbirds Demonstration Flight Team was giving a special show over the Comox waterfront. They have been at the Comox 19 Wing Air Force Base practicing in preparation for their 2008 show season.

Home base for the Snowbirds is Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, but they come to Comox to get more experience in mountainous and marine environments. They fly CT-114 Tutor jets painted in distinctive red and white. The other distinctive aspect of the team is they fly nine aircraft in their formations. They can really make some exciting aerial displays with that many planes flying so close together.

The Snowbirds fly at events from May through October each year throughout the US and Canada. Click here to see their schedule. I plan to catch them at Wings Over White Rock on July 30 (free viewing along the waterfront) and hopefully at the Abbotsford Airshow from August 8-10. Hope to see you there. Can't wait? Here is a quick clip from today's show. -- Margy


  1. I love watching aerobatics. I just can't believe the exceptional skills involved. And they look so beautiful.

  2. Yes dragonstar - and the Snowbirds are the best. With nine planes they can do so much more than the smaller teams. Plus there's our national pride. Barrel roll that all together and you get a great show. -- Margy