Saturday, April 12, 2008

Twisted Trails

Today we got our quads out for a ride along the logging roads. We found a twisted trail through the moss shrouded rainforest to a beautiful creek.

We stopped for a twisted snack to refresh our energy.

And found a twisted tree.

I guess that was enough twists to make it a twisted kind of day. If you would like to read more about quad riding in Coastal BC you can click here and here.

p.s. For my frequent readers, we are heading up the lake for a few day (maybe more). I will be working on some new stories and videos for YouTube that I'll post when I return. -- Margy


  1. great choices for the theme. I love that tree that twisted. How odd.
    happy weekend.

  2. That twisted tree looked as if it had human help with that twist... humm... there are some young pines around here...wonder if I could...?? Great Photos!!

  3. Great shots and very good choices!

  4. How did that tree get so twisted? It looks really odd. Will it grow safely, or will the top die? You'll have to keep an eye on it for us, and report on its well-being every so often. (LOL)

  5. hello Margi from a westcoast BC girl ! Great pictures ... I love the twisted tree - do you think they tied a knot in the sapling ?

    I thought I'd invite you post your blog at Her Blog Directory.

    Best wishes,

  6. Thank you to everyone for visiting my PhotoHunt. To answer the question about the twisted tree, we stopped at a viewpoint next to an area that was logging slash. A line of new trees was starting to grow, but someone tied the top of each one into a knot to stunt their growth so they wouldn't block the view. I just happened to find them and thought it was an interesting (if not somewhat sad) shot. - Margy