Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in Time at Boomer's Drive-In

If you asked me, "What's your favourite movie?" my answer would instantly be American Graffiti. "Why American Graffiti," you ask? The "short" answer is I learned to drive in the early 60's, I did my share of cruising and I spent my summers near Modesto, California, the location for the movie. Every time I see it I think of swimming in canals, cruising 10th Street, dragging on country roads and parking in peach orchards. Several movie scenes were at Mel's Drive-In, the quintessential 1950's fast food restaurant and teenage hangout. The real Mel's was in San Francisco, but almost every town had a similar drive-in with car service (with or without roller skates).

This brings me to Boomer's Drive-In in Bellingham, Washington. It truly is a step back in time. You can still pull up to covered parking, read the carside menu, turn on your lights and the waitress comes to take your order. She returns with a window tray of delights that will really take you back. Boomer's signature dish is the Boomer Burger (really big and juicy) in a combo with one of their scrumptious hard ice cream shakes (try peanut butter) and crisp waffle fries. It's enough for even the hungriest guy. They have other items, but I haven't made it past the Boomer Burger. When the weather's too cold for car dining, Boomer's has indoor seating next to a roaring fire. Maybe not like Mel's, but a good addition for the Pacific Northwest.

You'll find Boomer's at 310 N. Samish Way (360-647-2666). Heading south, take the Samish Way exit from I-5 and turn right. Boomer's is about half a mile on the right. It's a little hard to see until you are right on top of it, so go slow. Want to make it a date? Take in a movie at the Sehome Regal Theater. It's at 3300 Fielding Avenue. At the same Samish Way exit go straight on 36th Street past the Sehome Village shopping center. When 36th turns to the right (left is an I-5 onramp) it becomes Fielding. Make an immediate left and you're in the theater parking lot. Make it a real date, we did. -- Margy


  1. I love burgers fires and chocolate shakes. So this place would be perfect for me. Great post.

  2. Thanks Margy for getting back to me. A super way to have it all I say!
    I remember those drive-ins. I spent many an evening eating burgers and fries on a tray attached to the window sill.
    Take care, and have fun on the water. I can see myself doing this...We live in the country and lose our electric every time someone sneezes ( just kidding), so we have a generator, and can go along time without electricity.

  3. As you know I love diners...if you come across any vintage diner tin signs can you please, please buy them for me, they don't have to be original vintage and certainly not expensive.
    Thanks Margaret

  4. I'm glad you all enjoyed this great diner in Bellingham. The last time we stopped by there wasn't a spot left to park. And it's still winter! I guess that says a lot about the food. Thanks for stopping by. - Margy