Monday, June 11, 2007

The Christening of Mr. Buttercup

Our friends Ken and Sam (Samantha) from Gibsons have ever so patiently waited to get their new boat. In my March 23 post, you saw it in the Campbell River shop. This weekend, they took possession of Mr. Buttercup, a 28' EagleCraft that was custom built for them at Daigle Welding and Marine, Ltd. The classic workboat design has a rugged aluminum hull. The bright yellow cabin gives it a sunny disposition, and inspired its name. Ken and Sam chose to have twin 150 hp Yamaha outboards to power their craft. With those, they can get 37 knots. Mr. Buttercup will get them there both in style and fast.

Over the weekend, Ken and Sam took Mr. Buttercup on a few shake-down trips. Today, Ken "soloed" Mr. Buttercup from Campbell River to Powell River while Sam "followed along behind" in the car on the Comox ferry. Wayne and I were able to stay in touch with Ken along the way by cell phone and radio.

We were to meet Ken at the fuel dock to assist with his arrival (he's still learning how to use those two big honkin' twins). Just before he got there, the Coast Guard came in to get fuel. So when Ken rounded the breakwater, they jumped to help him dock and secure his lines. Earlier, Ken had jokingly said to "bring lots of help." But I don't think this is what he expected!

Jim, the Wharfinger, found a spot for Ken and personally assisted with his docking. The South Harbour doesn't have lots of open spots, so Mr. Buttercup had to raft up next to Fish Finder. Jim always finds a way to make it work!! This weekend, the Gibson Yacht Club is in town for their annual cruise up the Strait of Georgia to Desolation Sound. Ken and Sam are members, so everyone had to come over to see the new boat. Ken (on the right) and Sam (still on the ferry) are like proud new parents, and I don't blame them.
Here's wishing you many happy trips to come! -- Margy

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