Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vancouver Nights

I've spent the last three days in Vancouver at the BICSI (technology) Conference. My days were in sessions on a variety of voice and data applications, but in the evenings Wayne and I got to see the city. Vancouver is an exciting place. Starting at the Westin Bayshore at Coal Harbour, you can walk to may destinations. The first night we went along the seawalk to Cardero's Restaurant. Seafood is their specialty. Wayne had the Wok Seafood with scallops, salmon, shrimp and vegetables. I opted for the fried oysters and we shared a Cardero’s Big Salad with french sherry vinaigrette dressing. The food was excellent, the views magnificent and the Sleeman's Honey Brown cold and tall.

The next night we took out Wayne's handheld GPS and determined that Robson Street, three blocks south, was lined with restaurants and shops. We walked about half a mile east just checking out the options, and there were many. In Vancouver you can eat around the world without leaving the city limits. We headed back and picked the Fogg n' Suds Restaurant/Beer Bar. OK, let's be honest, I picked it. The Fogg n' Suds has the best international beer selection in Canada. I can never turn down a good brew. We tried the Chef's Grill Special to go with two cold Okanagan Spring Pale Ales (OK, not international but the nightly special). The BBQ ribs, pork and sausage were great with the beer.

The night was young so we decided to walk south on Denman Street to English Bay. This is the site of the annual Celebration of Light fireworks displays in July and August. Even though we were stuffed with great BBQ, we stopped at Mondo Gelato. They had an enormous selection of flavors. After walking along the sandy beach at English Bay we went to the movies at the Denman Place Theater. The price was only $8.00 for both of us to see Borat. What a hoot!

While we were at the Westin, we released several copies of Up the Lake and Up the Winter Trail. They disappeared quickly, so hopefully they got in the hands of interested readers. If you aren't familiar with "releasing books," go to For more information about Coastal BC Stories by Wayne Lutz, go to

Do you have any favorite Vancouver restaurants or places of interest? Let us hear from you. -- Margy

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  1. If you're in the mood for good moderately priced Italian food with a bit of Northwest flair, I always enjoy the
    Water Street Cafe
    in Gastown. While I always enjoy their pasta dishes with seafood, their bread pudding desert is absolutely mind boggling.

    on Granville Island, while not as intimate, and decidedly more touristy, has an outdoor deck with amazing views of the Vancouver skyline as well as its bridges; specifically the Granville and Burrard Street ones. The best time to go it right before sunset when you can watch as the city lights up. I personally like the fisherman's cioppino.

    If you're in the mood for an after dinner cappuccino, simply close your eyes, spin around, click your heels three times, and walk ten paces to the nearest Starbucks.