Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch in Gibsons Landing, BC

Today I went south from Powell River to Bellingham, Washington. Rather than my normal drive straight through, I skipped a ferry and had a leisurely lunch in Gibsons Landing.

There are quaint shops and restaurants all along the harbour. Two shops not to miss are The Trading Post on Gower Point Road and Molly's Market on Molly's Lane behind Molly's Reach Restaurant.

Both are mini-malls with vendor stalls selling antiques, books, beads, clothing and just about anything else you can imagine. In the Trading Post there is a bakery called The Sweet Chef. They offer a variety of fresh baked sweets and breads. I got the Landing Cortada, a flaky pastry crust wrapped around a fruit filling including peaches and blackberries and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. I took it with me to enjoy at the Langdale ferry terminal with a coffee from Wheatberries. They too have sweets and sandwiches for the hungry traveler. Unlike the Marketplace (vendor booths at the terminal), Wheatberries remains open year-round.

I finally got to eat at the famous Molly's Reach Restaurant highlighted in the Canadian TV series called The Beachcombers. The series is no longer aired, but the restaurant keeps going. It is right at the Landing pier and has great views and great food at a reasonable price. I had the crispy fried Vancouver Island oysters and chips. Yum! With a lemonade, I got out the door for a total of $13.72 plus tip. Rachel Ray should try Gibsons as a $40 a Day destination.

The marina has a pier, seawalk and a beautiful grass covered park. I stopped to watch boats entering and leaving the harbour even in this early Spring season. There is a fleet of working boats, and locals depart from here to cottages on nearby islands. If you want to get a tour, there are several options advertised on the pier.

The Visitor Centre is located right in the middle of the Landing across from Molly's. It is small but packed with information about Gibsons and other destinations along the Sunshine Coast. I bought a calendar and left some of Wayne's Coastal BC Stories brochures for the coming tourists. If you want a stop either north or southbound along the Sunshine Coast, I highly recommend Gibsons Landing. -- Margy

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  1. After many years of appreciation for Wheatberries ethical basis and business values, I have been devastated by the recent developments of this company.

    Firstly, the quality of the products and presentations has fallen off markedly at all locations.

    Secondly, the Langdale ferry terminal outlet is now involved in patent gouging of prices. I recently presented a travel mug which normally is filled at Starbucks for less than $2.00, only to be told at this location it would cost me $2.35!!

    Thirdly, prior to the previous incident, I have been less than encouraged to continue to visit this location by the "teen culture" presentation of the servers. The body-piercing and "duh" responses have been most unappreciated when I am in a stress-inducing travel mode to work or "Vancouver experience"!