Monday, December 08, 2008

Getting to Powell River, BC

Our last trip to Powell River was an example how easy it is to get here. We left our condo in Bellingham, WA, using the Quick Shuttle bus that connects Seattle and Vancouver airports. It has several stops, one of which is Bellingham Airport.

The bus uses the Pacific Highway Crossing in Blaine. You get off at a special building and take your bags inside to clear Canadian immigration and customs. A passport is not yet required for land travel for US and Canadian citizens in either direction, but you will need a government issued picture ID and proof of citizenship. Rules may change, so check before you go with the Canadian Border Service Agency and US Customs and Border Protection.

The amount of time necessary depends on the number of passengers and buses in line. Plan on at least 30 minutes. By the way, the Quick Shuttle has free WiFi so you can surf the web the whole trip (or work if you must). The cost is very reasonable, about $52.50 one way from airport to airport, or $25.65 from Bellingham to YVR. They will also stop at the train station, downtown Vancouver and most major hotels. Along the way you will see forests, farmlands, small towns, glimpses of the ocean, and finally the big city.

Whether you arrive at Vancouver Airport by bus or plane, Pacific Coastal Airlines has a free shuttle every half hour outside the lower level to take you to the South Terminal. Pacific Coastal has connections to many Vancouver Island and BC destinations. From Vancouver, it is only a 25 minute flight to Powell River.

If you are lucky, you just might get a ride on the Shorts 360. It's a unique plane that looks like a flying boxcar to me. The one-way cost is about $176.40. The Quik Pass includes discount fares for frequent fliers.

Transportation is easy in Powell River. Your Pacific Coastal flight crew can call ahead for a Powell River Taxi to be waiting to whisk you away to your first adventure. If you are on the ground, you can call them at (604) 483-3666. You might be lucky enough to get one of our good friend John's brothers, Rick or Rob. They both have new Prius cars to be environmentally friendly and economical.

If you want a car, Budget car rental is in the terminal. There is also a stop for the Powell River Regional Transit District bus outside. This bus can take you all around town or, with a connection, to the community of Lund at the end (or beginning depending on your point of view) of Highway 101.  No matter how you get here, Powell River is the place to visit and live. Join us here someday soon. -- Margy


  1. I love that Shorts 360, but it doesn't look very aerodynamic! But, neither do the 747's that my company fly's. Too darn big to fly.

  2. That was an interesting look at the ways to get to your area from Seattle.

  3. It looks like you got traveling down to a science....

    Happy Holidays to Powell River from Ferndale, WA.